Joseph Klein, BBA, BBA-MKT

Joseph Klein received his Degrees in Business Management and Business Marketing with a High emphasis on Customer Relationships and Technology Evolution.  While his focus has been in the hospitality, service and Food and Beverage industry, it is far outreaches that limit.  He has worked with and within many lines of businesses to include printing, construction, retail, real estate, education adding to a depth of experiences when analyzing the needs of clients and evaluating processes already in place.  While there may be differences across these many industries pertaining to the varying requirements by clients, the way to develop trust, loyalty and the free spread of great service are very similar if not exactly the same.  Mr. Klein’s expertise is in evaluating systems and processes by discovering links to successes, which create highly sustainable training techniques tailored for each client. The goal is to yield highly measurable results to foster lasting business relationships and grow customer base. “The one single aspect that sets one competitor from the other is how they connect to their clients and customers. It is not how or what we do for our clients they remember, it is how we made them feel, while delivering their needs.” 


Commissioner Dr. C.G. Walwyn, Ph.D


His (ret) Honorable CG Walwyn Commissioner of Police for the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force An integral member of the international law enforcement and security arena, he possesses more than 30 years experiences in all facets of public and private security. Prior to joining IBS, Walwyn served as Commissioner of Police for the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force where his strategies for fighting crime in the Caribbean, lead to a 29% reduction in crime in the islands under his command from 2012-2014. His successes lead to the emulation of best practices by other Caribbean islands. Commissioner Walwyn’s duties as police commissioner included Chief Immigration Officer, Chief of Airport and Seaport Security, Chief Licensing Authority of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, and the 2014-2015 Chairman of the CARICOM Police Commissioners and Military Chiefs Committee. Walwyn also served in Houston as a Texas Police Officer and in Orlando (before retiring) as a Florida Law Enforcement Officer.

Ahmed Selim


Ahmed Selim has spent a vast majority of his life in the entertainment industry throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North America as part of a of multinational family of the Cairo National Ballet trainers and lead choreographers. Mr. Selim found his passion for business within the Technology arena through his experience on set, Stage and screen.

Mr. Selim’s has focused experience for the past 2 decades for several fortune 100 companies as well as Bank of America, Barnes and Nobles, SAC Capital Advisors, The City of New York, Volt, in Architecture, design and Analysis in the Technology domain, with emphasis on business continuity, business impact analysis, disaster recovery, process improvement, large storage system design, performance analysis and tuning and high availability environment sustainment.

Mr. Selim is also a certified Health Training adviser, Certified EMT, Sound engineer, Mr. Selim spends much of his personal time as a Dance and fitness Instructor.

Andreas Hug

Andreas Hug, a native resident of Hamburg Germany. A Business owner and project manager, his area of expertise is in Luxury Real Estate, Yachting, marketing and media. Mr. Hug has been representing the top industries for over 30 year. Residing in Palma de Mallorca allows Mr. Hug to be within hours to our top clientele across Europe.

Mr. Hug and IBS have a relationship for over 10 year on collaborated on many projects across the globe.


Richard Canelon

Mr. Richard Canelon has been actively involved in Real Estate Brokerage and commercial real estate investments field in the state of Florida for over 10 years. Mr. Canelon has severed as Principal Broker since 2004. With extensive knowledge in multifamily real estate Investments, Commercial & Industrial land acquisitions, land permitting, rezoning, land mitigation process, project development, construction and sales as well as Institutional note’s acquisition’s from banks, receiverships and lending institutions, Mr. Canelon along with his team have assisted local and International Investors, Developers and hedge funds successfully achieve over $100,000,000 Million dollars in sales and acquisitions of more than 1400 multifamily units and 200,000 square feet of commercial office and mixed use that have covered most major metropolitan cities in the state of Florida.

As a Certified IRS 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange professional, Mr. Canelon has assisted large and small Investors with sales of income, investment or business properties benefit from deferred taxes that otherwise would have been paid as federal income taxes instead get reinvested as equity into new properties (or like kind replacements properties) thus creating a wealth building technique for his investors. Other benefits include: Greater leverage capabilities to buy more properties, Change, consolidate or diversify your real estate investment, Improve cash flow (example exchanging from vacant land into income producing property).

Under these IRS rules with a proper 1031 planning his investors can one day even exchange into a property that one day be their principle residence, and eliminate most of the tax!

Alfred Carrature

Mr. Alfred Carrature has been involved in Law Enforcement and Security since 1981.

While in the N.Y.P.D., He was assigned the Forensic Crime Scene Investigations for various street crimes such as Drug sales, Robberies and Commercial Burglaries. During Mr. Carrature’s tenure, he was involved in numerous prosecutions, and convictions of street robberies and burglaries from Forensic Evidence, which resulted in extensive prison sentences for the defendants. His expertise was further enhanced by completing the F.B.I. Fingerprint Identification Course and The Auto Theft Crime Course.

Upon retirement from the N.Y.P.D. in 1994, Mr. Carrature became involved in Private Security Consulting for Home and Business owners, reviewing the security of premises to prevent access by unauthorized individuals, and  Implementing  security procedures for businesses including key card locked access doors, central station monitoring, and CCTV Security Surveillance with motion detection.

Mr. Carrature’s Military training has prepared him for all things that he subsequently pursued in his career. He was assigned as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army from 1974 through 1994 and held a TS/SBI Security Clearance. He was actively involved in different military missions including the Invasion of Grenada in 1983 and Desert Shield in 1990. Today Mr. Carrature is focusing on Consulting Businesses Domestic and International on all Security and Safety matters. 

Florian Stiglitz

Mr. Florian Stiglitz graduated from the University of Vienna where he received his Master of Law. He also finished HTL for Automation Technologies, a semester at the University of Amsterdam and accomplished his internships abroad at the Austrian Trade Commission in Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Stiglitz worked, among other things, as an assistant of various members of the Austrian and the European Parliament. (Austrian People's Party) In 2012 Mr. Stiglitz continued his career for an Austrian law firm, Vavrovsky Heine Marth, which is highly recommended by several international legal directories as one of the leading Austrian legal firms.

Mr. Stiglitz specialized in real estate law with emphasis on national and international transactions, project development as well as tenancy and real estate agent law. Mr. Stiglitz is scheduled to finish the Austrian bar at the beginning of 2016.

With Mr. Stiglitz mixture of technical, economical and legal knowledge as well as excellent relations in business and politics IBS is going to open the gateway to Europe through its heart, Austria.

Ash Ali Hussain


Ash Ali Hussain received his Bachelor of Business Degree with focus in Accounting from the University of Houston in 1974. Prior to moving to the USA Mr. Hussain was born and raised in the South France to a wealthy Business family. In his early life he spend 4 years as an officer training for the British Royal Army, where Mr. Hussain had the pleasure to present Arms to the President of Pakistan in 1969 General Ayub Khan as the Guard of Honor. Further invitations has been to attend the Royal Wedding of Crown Prince Al-Hassan bin Talal of Jordan in 1968. Mr. Hussain began his working career as a computer analyst for critical data gathering for merchandising and shelf life of retail goods where he spend over a decade. His further career expanded in to the automotive industry during the Auto boom of the 1980 in the US. Mr. Hussain was in lead positions during this time in Importing/Exporting Automotive and automotive products from and to the USA. Mr. Hussain has owned and operated automotive showrooms for several decades and holds many honor’s in his field prior to retiring from the automotive field.

 Mr. Hussain focus today is Middle East and Asia, he is fluent in Arabic, French and Hindi. A specialist of product sourcing within Middle East, Far East and India.

Larry Langston

Mr. Larry Langston a NYPD Veteran for over 25 years and Law Enforcement Specialist has been with the NYPD since 1979. Mr. Langston as a Confidential Aid is the only person in the History of the NYPD to Guard and work with the 4 top position in the Department NYPD Chief of Patrol, NYPD Chief of Department, NYPD First Deputy Commissioner and NYPD Police Commissioner. Mr. Langston career also included dignity protection to 4 US President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.

Today Mr. Langston is specializing in a wide variety of training and Consulting Services as and IBS Executive Consultant ranging from Dignitary Protection, Homicide Investigation, Criminal Investigation and Anti-Terrorism.