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IBS is a state of the art Consulting firm which modernized the way for business in getting there services. IBS has Associate, Junior and Senior Consultants all around the Globe who are focusing and Consulting on the IBS© system. We have assisted and helped hundreds of business small medium and large with the IBS© system. Today’s business is focused in establishing their product and/or services around the Globe. In many cases in to not cost effective in hiring full time staff in regions that are unfamiliar to the Company, IBS© system has the solution for you. IBS© system network of Consultants are familiar with the process and are trusted by us to fully help in your particular needs. IBS© system, has been developed by Domestic and International scalars with background in Business, Education, Leadership, Politics, and Law. The founders are well rounded and hold high level degrees in its field. IBS© system can guarantee you services from the smallest of needing assistance in a foreign country to Complex Business dealings and Government Support. IBS© system will provide a free comprehensive quote that is affordable to your organization based on your current needs.



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Hiring & Classes

IBS Conference Schedule 2024

May 10, 2024
Trieste, Italy

May 09, 2024
Ljubljana, Slovenia

May 06, 2024
Vienna, Austria

Feb. 08, 2024
Board of Director Meeting

March 07, 2024
Board of Director Meeting

April 04, 2024
Board of Director Meeting

May 25, 2024
24th Alliance Business EXPO