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Consultants, Client & Investor Relations

IBS Group has a worldwide network of more than 150 Consultants in specializing in a vast array of specialties from business and logistics to law and medicine. Our Consultants can be found in nearly every country throughout the world and are ready to connect with you immediately to assist you with your needs no matter how complex they may be. Supporting our network of Consultants is a team of 14 Executive Consultants making up the IBS Group Board of Directors with over 400 years of combined experience and expertise in their fields. Our Executive Consultants personally oversee numerous aspects of each endeavor of IBS Group to ensure the efficiency, accuracy and economics of each and every project for all clients.

Consultant Client Relations

IBS Group Consultants work with diligently with our clients to create and distribute information designed to create maximum exposure for the client to receive the best possible pool of potential investors.

IBS Consultants also provide professional advice and guidance through traditional legal and accounting sources to assist our clients to reach their goals in raising capital to grow and expand their international and domestic business ventures through investment.

Consultant and Investor Relations

IBS Consultants are experts in pairing investors with the most sound and profitable potential investment projects. IBS Consultants are privy to a vast conglomeration of information regarding projects and investment seekers globally. As an investor, you will maximize return and minimize risk with our tested systems of finding the perfect investment opportunity to fulfill your short, medium and long-rage investment goals.

Client and Investor Relations

Not only will your IBS Consultant provide you with your desired pool of potential investors or investment projects, but they will facilitate discussion on a business to business level for the proper implementation of strategic planning, funding, governmental approvals, and security for each and every business opportunity. IBS also has a network of attorneys, compliance professionals and accounting firms to carry out the expeditious administration of each venture specifically tailored to meet the client’s needs both domestically and internationally.